The Salamander — Mikho Mosulishvili, Translated by Ani Mosulishvili

Masque & Spectacle

Originally published in Georgian in Mikho Mosulishvili’s book The Mercy Stone (2011) published by Publishing House Siesta.

A note: Salamanders have been associated with the fire since early times. The legend of salamanders tells of them being created from flames and this gave the animal its name. As they tend to dwell in logs, when these logs are placed on fire salamanders escape the log and survive.

1. Tears dropping into the soul
Salamander was sitting in a house with the lights off next to a grimy glass lamp. He was smoking. As the last litre of kerosene had run out the day before, he was sitting, hungry and frozen in complete darkness. He could cope with this but he despaired for his wife and children?

He regretted that he had not gone with Jugo, Black and Leko. “They went away,’” he thought “and left me here to face this…

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